It never hurts to touch base with friends or just hang-out with them. I am an introvert and very private person, but have overcome
this because my friends and I realized that I’m good at finding opportunites to make money for them.
It started when a good friend, let us call him Dan, complained
that he needed to pay real estate taxes again on a property that had been lying dormant for several
years. I asked specific question about the property and after less than a week, I had
lined up several clients who were interested in leasing the property. In no time, I was able to convert his
previously cash-draining property into a productive one.
Suddenly, I became the “go to” guy for anything real-estate related. I was asked by another
friend, Maui, to convert her white elephant rooms into a money-making venture to pay for her 5
household staff and driver. She claimed she could not fire them because they had been with their family for so
long and it will break her parent’s hearts if she let them go. I asked her if she was willing to host 
strangers in her house; surprised and intrigued, she said “yes” as she was seldom at home
anyway, so she did not have any problems with that. After 2 weeks, I gave her a check for Php10,000 for
the two nights use of her 3 vacant bedrooms that I got from managing her AirBnB account. Now she
earns more than Php150,000 a month in total for the rooms and several other family properties in the

Friends realized that people in sales are not necessarily nuisances to be avoided.
Now happy hours can be fun too, with round-table small talk that can lead to profitable plans as well. Our night outs
are now interesting business discussions; friends now think of things to do with their idle lots or properties.
 The possibilities are endless since good locations are ideal for a tiangge, a food park, or even
simply, a parking lot. I have since advertised some of the locations and have gotten quite a number of
propositions that my owner-friends will just pick and choose from. Pretty soon these nights out will
become full business meetings, as I manage my barkada’s real estate banks. I still handle big clients or even
individual buyers of new homes, but I also earn a lot from managing other real estate potentials.