Prudence generally pays off.  But when you ask yourself a day before payday “where did all of my
salary from last month go?” then you should realize the importance and value of your disposable income. Disposable
income is the money you spent on night outs, partying, and weekend getaways. Those are 
unnecessary expenses that you could do without but still spend on them because you do not know any
better. Investing vs. enjoying disposable income is a choice not easily made, especially if you have the urge to
self-destruct by killing yourself through smoking, drinking and other vices while at the prime of your life. A
healthy lifestyle does not cost much, and it extends your life by several years, and allows you to enjoy a better quality of life.
There is nothing better than to enjoy your golden years and see younger, stupider versions of yourself
doing foolish things in bars, beaches and parties. It is better to laugh at people than be the one to
be laughed at. You will also learn the true definition of FUN, and fun people gravitate towards older and wiser people with
money to spend.